Moving towards version 1.0 of desktop entry spec

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Sat Apr 22 11:04:50 EEST 2006


Here's a small patch fixing really minor stuff in the desktop entry

 + fix typos
 + remove duplicate description of what can be in a group header
 + move some text around
 + fix value type for the Icon key

I'd like to update the spec a bit more, so we can at least make 1.0
nearer :-) Here are some things I'd like to do (I hope they all make

 + reorganize the text, so that we really have the basic format first,
   and not described all over the spec

 + move all of the "Legacy-Mixed encoding"-related stuff in appendix D
   and move it from "MUST be supported" to "MAY be supported". The glib
   API to parse .desktop-like files does not support this, and I don't
   think it's planned. This would also imply deprecating the Encoding

 + is the FSDevice type used by a project? We don't use it in GNOME, and
   I'd like to deprecate it if possible.

 + see if all keys are useful. I'm not sure SwallowTitle or SwallowExec
   are used, eg. And SortOrder. It's also not clear to me why we need
   FilePattern if we have TryExec.

 + I wonder about the Actions key. It does make sense to me, but we
   don't support it in GNOME and we only had one (old) bug report about
   it. Do other projects use it?

 + fix all the ambiguous parts. For example, what type of regexps are we

I'll send patches for those things later if there's consensus about



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