Prototype code/specification in Freedesktop [Was: Mono bindings a blessed dependency?]

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Fri Apr 21 20:06:58 EEST 2006

Ross Burton wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-04-21 at 11:29 -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:
> [re: Tracker]
>>> Oh, it's a freedesktop project.
>> This isn't a dig on tracker, but I don't really agree with the
>> implication of this statement.  Putting something up on
>> doesn't automatically bless it in some utopian cross desktop way.  
> This touches on something I've been unhappy about regarding
> for some time now.  There is no "approved" and "in
> development" distinction in the SVN, project URLs, etc.
> For example, we all agree that the Desktop Entry spec is a true
> freedesktop standard, and it's URL is
>  It's used by
> GNOME, KDE, XFCE, and many other systems.
> The Tracker metadata specification, or to give it it's full and rather
> grand name the Shared File Metadata Specification, is at
>  There
> is one application that implements this specification, and that is
> Tracker.  It's changing frequently as problems are pointed out (timezone
> was added to some of the date fields this week), but to the untrained
> observer it's as blessed as the Desktop Entry specification, which is
> obviously incorrect.

on page

The shared File Metadata specification is under section "Specifications 
currently in the planning/requirements-gathering stages:"

I beleive that is the correct place for something that is still in a 
little flux?

Mr Jamie McCracken

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