Desktop Entry Spec 1.0

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at
Wed Aug 9 02:55:35 EEST 2006

>Here are some patches:
> + sortorder.diff: deprecate the SortOrder key


> + filepattern.diff: deprecate the FilePattern key


> + unique.diff: explicitly forbid keys/groups with the same name

I would drop "Two" and use "Keys in different groups may have the same

> + versionkey.diff: make the Version key a string since it's really
>   not an integer. But specify its format.

Can we do with two digits? What about adding something that says that if
present it should be "1.0" for implementations that follow this
specification. So far it doesn't seem used in any way or shape by
(The spec itself makes references to "pre-1.0" in a very loose fashion.)

> + regexp.diff: specify that regexps are POSIX 1003.2 extended

The only regexp field that we had was FilePattern and that is now
deprecated. What about removing regexp as type entirely?

> + fixexample.diff: fix the example to contain an Actions key and
>   use a valid MimeType value

The presence of the Actions key and Desktop Action groups should depend
on actions.diff going in. MimeType fix is ok.

> + mime.diff: wording fixes. Also comments the "Caching MIME Types" and
>   the "Priority of MIME Types and desktop files" subsections. Not sure
>   this is okay, but I do not feel this should be part of this spec.

I agree. It should either go to the menu-spec (which defines
$XDG_DATA_DIRS/applications) or the shared-mime-info-spec (which defines
MIME types). I think menu-spec is the better place.

> + icon-theme-spec.diff: link to the icon theme spec for the Icon key.
>   I wonder if we should also explicitly tell that there shouldn't be
>   any extension in the value (eg: start-here and not start-here.png)

Maybe Glynn has thoughts on this. Maybe keep it as is for 1.0 and
include this patch and bump to 1.0.1 once the icon theme spec reaches
1.0. Not sure what is worse, pointing to an unstable spec or leaving it
wide open.

> + actions.diff: proposed explanation of how Actions work
>   This needs some proofreading, and consensus ;-)

I would like to bump this till after 1.0 since it isn't widely supported
yet. Konqueror does support it, but only for .desktop files installed in
a konqueror specific location as far as I know
($KDEDIR/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus) I'm ok with the proposed
change itself after 1.0.


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