Desktop Entry Spec 1.0

Glynn Foster Glynn.Foster at Sun.COM
Wed Aug 9 04:29:52 EEST 2006


Bastian, Waldo wrote:
>> + versionkey.diff: make the Version key a string since it's really
>>   not an integer. But specify its format.
> Can we do with two digits? What about adding something that says that if
> present it should be "1.0" for implementations that follow this
> specification. So far it doesn't seem used in any way or shape by
> anyone.
> (The spec itself makes references to "pre-1.0" in a very loose fashion.)

I think it's a good idea to adopt the major.minor.micro much as Vincent
suggested in the patch, however, there's very little detail in what those
numbers actually mean. Ideally we don't want people adding 'unstable' version
numbers to their .desktop items.

>> + icon-theme-spec.diff: link to the icon theme spec for the Icon key.
>>   I wonder if we should also explicitly tell that there shouldn't be
>>   any extension in the value (eg: start-here and not start-here.png)
> Maybe Glynn has thoughts on this. Maybe keep it as is for 1.0 and
> include this patch and bump to 1.0.1 once the icon theme spec reaches
> 1.0. Not sure what is worse, pointing to an unstable spec or leaving it
> wide open.

I guess there's arguments for both, but right now we probably just need to get
the specs to a usable but committed state. Being explicit about what parts of
the specification are unstable is probably a good approach.

One of the things that was pointed out to me this week was that the current
documents have a strange mix of specification and implementation. Where
possible, we should aim to separate them out completely. Joe may have more
advice here.

I won't be able to attend the conf call this week, though I'm hoping someone
from the team will.


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