PACTHES: Desktop Entry Spec 1.0 - Take 2

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at
Wed Aug 23 03:22:01 EEST 2006

I have updated the deskop entry spec with those patches that eveyone
seemed to agree on. The updated version can be found on

Applied changes:
* clarification of Exec key (Waldo Bastian)
* correction of StartupWMClass, clarify StartupNotify (Lubos Lunak)
* deprecate SortOrder and FilePattern key (Vincent Untz)
* remove section on "MIME Type caching" from spec (Vincent Untz)
* groups and keys must be unique (Vincent Untz)

Below I will propose patches for the remaining open issues. If you have
changes that aren't in the updated version already and that aren't
mentioned below, please speak up.

Process safeguard: The review period for these patches ends at Wednesday
30. Without substantial opposition/requests for change I will commit the
patches after the end of the review period.

* actions.diff and fixexample.diff

Since this isn't widely supported yet I suggest to remove Actions for
the 1.0 version and add it back for a 1.1 version. I propose to apply
actions-2.diff which removes Actions for 1.0.

* regexp.diff

Since the only user of regexp was FilePattern, which is now deprecated,
I suggest to remove regexp as type altogether. I propose regexp-2.diff
which removes regexp as type.

* versionkey.diff

The field is currently listed as numeric with a well defined meaning,
making it easy to compare whether one version is older than another. Not
that anyone is actually using the Version field at the moment. I propose
to change according to versionkey-2.diff

* icon-theme-spec.diff

Still a bit undecided on this one, but I wil commit this one as-is if
there are no strong opinions to do otherwise.

* FSDevice

FSDvice is currently only used by KDE. I have moved it's description and
the associated keys to Appendix B. Proposed patch is in

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