[Fwd: KDE-Dot: Default Icons

Joseph Kowalski Joseph.Kowalski at eng.sun.com
Thu Aug 24 23:01:53 PDT 2006

>   If this is done users not wanting CrystalSVG icons will get them ONLY 
> if a HiColor icon does not exist. This is what I, and other users, 
> expect to happen.

Be careful.  You don't speak for this particular user.

I agree with your view that CrystalSGV should not be installing in
the hicolor space. I believe it may be appropriate for 
implementations/distributions to add more default themes before
hicolor, but I believe they should consider this carefully.

Where we disagree is that I strongly believe the specification is
correct in requiring that hicolor be the last theme checked.  If this
is not true, then its no longer the default.  It will take just a
few release cycles until the theme(s) located behind hicolor become
the defacto default.

More importantly, as an ISV, I want to install an icon that will only
be seen if the distribution hasn't decided to do a "distro theme approriate"
icon *in front* of it: I want the distro to have this opportunity.

- Joseph Kowalski (speaking only for himself)

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