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Wed Dec 6 21:43:50 EET 2006

Dnia 06-12-2006, śro o godzinie 17:37 -0200, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues
Diógenes napisał(a):
> Yes, I never oppose the fact that WM an CM must merge, and I also agree
> that the easiest path is a plugin architecture to support magnification
> is this enviroment.
> The problem IMO is that if we can't run the magnifier in environments
> that doesn't support the plugin architecture implemented by Beryl/Compiz
> (from the little that I saw, they appear to be the same) we will be
> putting a burden to people that need accessibility support in
> experimenting with new enviroments.

Then you can push metacity maintainers to export the same API and
provide a fallback compositing app for the rest of the non-conforming

You don't have to cover all desktops in one release.

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