releasing xdg-terminal

Waldo Bastian bastian at
Thu Dec 7 18:47:03 EET 2006

On Thursday 07 December 2006 06:14, Marcos wrote:
> Kevin,
> now that xdg-terminal works like a charm, could you please publish it ?
> I mean, I know that it is on the CVS, but it would be nice if it was on the
> standard distribution on the website.

The test suite needs to include test coverage for it before it can be included 
in a xdg-utils release. In the meantime I can put up a preview of of it on 
the website so that it can get a bit more exposure.

> Also, the recomended way to use is just like the other tools, i.e., first I
> try to run xdg-terminal. If it does not work, I run
> $INSTALLPATH/xdg-utils/xdg-terminal

Yes. Or you can add $INSTALLPATH to the end your $PATH.

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