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Sun Dec 31 01:53:35 EET 2006

Donald Straney wrote:
>> You've just described libdapi, the project you're criticising.
>Thanks for correcting me, I guess I was misinformed about that.  I had
>thought it was an abstraction layer on top of the KDE and GNOME
>libraries instead of a project to standardize the APIs and get rid of
>desktop-specific calls (widget toolkits excluded, of course).

No, you were right in the first place: it's an abstraction layer on top of 
the existing APIs.

There's no plan to standardise on a single library, mostly because it's 
chicken-and-the-egg problem: how can you provide the services using the 
abstract library that uses them? 

We discussed that among KDE developers: should the KDE libraries use XDG 
calls to execute certain actions? I don't think we reached a consensus. 
Some argue on respecting any other desktop's preferences when KDE 
applications are run on them; others argue that running KDE applications 
should bring along the best we can provide, in spite of a common 
denominator found.

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