Suggestion for name specification for extra drive and media icons

Pierre Ossman drzeus-list at
Sun Jan 22 20:07:25 EET 2006

This is a suggestion for a extra specification or an addition to the
icon naming specification to cover icons that can not be considered

When discussing the need for an icon for flash media in the new Tango
icon set, it was suggested to assemble a list of media icons that would
fall outside the core set.

Since tango is a part of the new desire to bring order to the chaos that
is icon names, it didn't seem right to me to suggest some icons only for
the tango-extras set. That would use keep things as organised as
previously with names specific to themes/desktop/what-not. Instead, I
have another suggestion.

As an addition to the standard icon naming specification, we have a
second list of icon names. The names in this list are optional, in the
sense that applications can not rely on them being present on any

To have a consistent behaviour, the list also specifies a fallback icon
from the base icon set. This fallback is used when the desired icon can
not be found. Not sure how this should interact with theme inheritence
though. Recursive fallbacks might also be something that could be added.

Anyhoo, here's the first couple of entries for such a list. The
media-flash icon might be difficult to find a good metaphor for.
Provided the other media-flash-icons exist it might even be superfluous.

== Drives ==

Name:				Fallback:

drive-cdrom-usb			drive-cdrom
drive-cdrom-ieee1394		drive-cdrom
drive-cdrom-scsi		drive-cdrom

drive-harddisk-usb		drive-harddisk
drive-harddisk-ieee1394		drive-harddisk
drive-harddisk-scsi		drive-harddisk

drive-removable-media-usb	drive-removable-media
drive-removable-media-ieee1394	drive-removable-media
drive-removable-media-scsi	drive-removable-media

== Media ==

Name:				Fallback:

media-cdrom-cda			media-cdrom
media-cdrom-cdr			media-cdrom
media-cdrom-cdrw		media-cdrom

media-dvd			media-cdrom
media-dvd-dvda			media-cdrom
media-dvd-dvdram		media-cdrom
media-dvd-dvdrplus		media-cdrom
media-dvd-dvdrminus		media-cdrom
media-dvd-dvdrwplus		media-cdrom
media-dvd-dvdrwminus		media-cdrom

media-bluray			media-cdrom
media-hddvd			media-cdrom

media-flash			media-removable-media
media-flash-compactflash	media-removable-media
media-flash-smartmedia		media-removable-media
media-flash-sdmmc		media-removable-media
media-flash-memorystick		media-removable-media
media-flash-xd			media-removable-media

media-smartcard			media-removable-media

media-zip			media-removable-media
media-jar			media-removable-media

Comment, flame and suggest improvements. :)


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