Suggestion for name specification for extra drive and media icons

Pierre Ossman drzeus-list at
Mon Jan 23 19:08:24 EET 2006

David Zeuthen wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 19:07 +0100, Pierre Ossman wrote:
>> == Drives ==
>> Name:				Fallback:
>> drive-cdrom-usb			drive-cdrom
>> drive-cdrom-ieee1394		drive-cdrom
>> drive-cdrom-scsi		drive-cdrom
>> drive-harddisk-usb		drive-harddisk
>> drive-harddisk-ieee1394		drive-harddisk
>> drive-harddisk-scsi		drive-harddisk
>> drive-removable-media-usb	drive-removable-media
>> drive-removable-media-ieee1394	drive-removable-media
>> drive-removable-media-scsi	drive-removable-media
> Would be useful with also
>  drive-removable-media-compactflash
>  drive-removable-media-smartmedia
>  drive-removable-media-sdmmc
>  drive-removable-media-memorystick
>  drive-removable-media-xd
> otherwise most users will have 4 or more identical drive-harddisk-media
> icons for a e.g. 4in1 card readers which are very common. It just looks
> odd, see below..

Good point. The question is if they also should have {-usb,-ieee1394}.
The list quickly grows with all combinations. :)

OTOH it would be nice to have some usb/ieee1394 indication. What about
an emblem? Limits the artistic freedom a bit, but reduces the combinations.

>> media-dvd			media-cdrom
>> media-dvd-dvda			media-cdrom
>> media-dvd-dvdram		media-cdrom
>> media-dvd-dvdrplus		media-cdrom
>> media-dvd-dvdrminus		media-cdrom
>> media-dvd-dvdrwplus		media-cdrom
>> media-dvd-dvdrwminus		media-cdrom
> Need media-dvd-dvdrwplusdl too

I'm not well versed with all the different DVD formats. So I probably
missed several. :)

>> media-flash-xd                  media-removable-media
> I'm curious how you detect xd card readers. At least HAL don't know
> about these yet though it should be a trivial enhancement... Of course,
> we'd need to teach gnome-vfs about it (cf. hal_icon_mapping) but also
> pretty trivial..

I haven't concerned myself with what we can detect at this point. And as
you say, adding this type to many programs would be trivial. Mapping in
HAL would probably done as it's done through many other types, through
its fdi database.

> Basically I think that every time we have a drive that accept only one
> type of media we need a specific drive icon for it. Optical drives are
> an exception here (they can share drive-removable-optical). Otherwise
> you'll get this dull window on standard consumer desktop PC (with a few
> external drives)

True. Not only is it ugly, but also terribly user unfriendly. You do not
easily spot a specific drive (e.g. your CF slot).

> Thinking about it... it might be useful to have two icons for USB
> keychain drives.. Say drive-removable-media-usbkeychain for the drive
> and media-removable-media-usbkeychain for the volumes on the drives..

I don't quite agree. When you have both 'drive' and 'media' then that
indicates (to me at least) some kind of "reader". It's not clear cut if
keychain devices should be a 'drive' or 'media', but not both.

> Also see the hal_icon_mapping array in GNOME VFS here
> for icons that GNOME presently rely on plus icons that I think are
> missing. You seem to leave out floppy, zip, jaz icons but I guess that
> is intentional as these are additions, yes?

zip and jaz (though misspelled) was included, except for the drive-
names. But floppy is in the base set so it's not needed here. One might
argue it should loose that privileged position, or perhaps that a few
from this list should be moved into the base list. For now we'll just
concern ourselves with what we're missing.


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