Suggestion for name specification for extra drive and media icons

David Zeuthen david at
Mon Jan 23 04:35:21 EET 2006

On Sun, 2006-01-22 at 19:07 +0100, Pierre Ossman wrote:
> == Drives ==
> Name:				Fallback:
> drive-cdrom-usb			drive-cdrom
> drive-cdrom-ieee1394		drive-cdrom
> drive-cdrom-scsi		drive-cdrom
> drive-harddisk-usb		drive-harddisk
> drive-harddisk-ieee1394		drive-harddisk
> drive-harddisk-scsi		drive-harddisk
> drive-removable-media-usb	drive-removable-media
> drive-removable-media-ieee1394	drive-removable-media
> drive-removable-media-scsi	drive-removable-media

Would be useful with also


otherwise most users will have 4 or more identical drive-harddisk-media
icons for a e.g. 4in1 card readers which are very common. It just looks
odd, see below..

> media-dvd			media-cdrom
> media-dvd-dvda			media-cdrom
> media-dvd-dvdram		media-cdrom
> media-dvd-dvdrplus		media-cdrom
> media-dvd-dvdrminus		media-cdrom
> media-dvd-dvdrwplus		media-cdrom
> media-dvd-dvdrwminus		media-cdrom

Need media-dvd-dvdrwplusdl too

> media-flash-xd                  media-removable-media

I'm curious how you detect xd card readers. At least HAL don't know
about these yet though it should be a trivial enhancement... Of course,
we'd need to teach gnome-vfs about it (cf. hal_icon_mapping) but also
pretty trivial..

> media-zip			media-removable-media
> media-jar			media-removable-media

(I assume you mean s/jar/jaz/)

I'd say we also need


Basically I think that every time we have a drive that accept only one
type of media we need a specific drive icon for it. Optical drives are
an exception here (they can share drive-removable-optical). Otherwise
you'll get this dull window on standard consumer desktop PC (with a few
external drives)

and with media (I don't have any SmartMedia and the MemoryStick slot
appears to be broken or maybe it's just usb-storage. I also don't have
the ntfs driver for the HP_PAVILLON one. Note also that Fedora uses the
floppy icon Zip - upstream GNOME don't...)

Note that some 4in1 card readers (notably I've seen this on a HP
multifunction printer/cardreader/scanner/copier) has like four slots but
only exposes it as one drive on Linux at least. Thus we may also want
drive-removable-media-manyformats which in one artistic vision could
include both CF, SM, SDMMC, MemoryStick, XD pointers...

Thinking about it... it might be useful to have two icons for USB
keychain drives.. Say drive-removable-media-usbkeychain for the drive
and media-removable-media-usbkeychain for the volumes on the drives..

Also see the hal_icon_mapping array in GNOME VFS here

for icons that GNOME presently rely on plus icons that I think are
missing. You seem to leave out floppy, zip, jaz icons but I guess that
is intentional as these are additions, yes?


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