Standardized playlists?

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Sun Jul 9 12:26:43 EEST 2006

BTW picking up on the discussion from somewhere (xdg/gnome/some-list) about
a neutral, generic VFS (the VFS would consist of generic
external apps and plugins that would be invoked via a standardized
interface; seems
actually more feasible now with D-BUS than back then), this is just as well
with playlists, and since they are rather simple (even XSPF can be reduced
to contain
only a miminal amount of metadata).

Just as an example of what i imagine: it's not exactly the same thing, but
in BMP we have
"container" plugins; we define a container to be anything from which you can
extract URIs
(and metadata) of tracks that can be played, and we have one for m3u, pls,
xspf, i'm about to
write an .asx one (with mixed feelings, heh), and also one for folders,
since you can treat
a folder as a container of URIs if you want so.

Point being: it's possible that the actual storage format is opaque (never
the less it has
to be decided upon) and players use something like that generic-VFS method
to read
it's contents and/or write to a playlist or create a new one. This would
have also the (although
i my opinion doubtful, since m3u and pls are really poor playlist formats)
benefit that users
could choose their favorite playlist format system-wide without the apps
having to read out
a particular global setting from, well, whatever is appropriate (what's the
current XDG standard
for common user configuration?)

On 7/9/06, Michael Burschik <Michael.Burschik at> wrote:
> So, we have the usual situation: there is no single well-supported
> standard, there are about a dozen competing "standards", each supported
> by one or two applications? How are the chances that the GNOME and KDE
> players, at least, might agree on a common standard?
> Regards
> Michael Burschik
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