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Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at intel.com
Mon Jul 10 21:55:36 EEST 2006

Next week Monday/Tuesday the 2006 Deskstop Developers' Conference will
be held in Ottawa. On monday morning I will be giving a presentation on
Portland and the afternoon of Tuesday will have a discussion track
dedicated to cross-desktop application development:

15h30	Discussion Group (Intro)
15h45	Discussion Group 1 ~ Cross-desktop Application Development: 
      Portland Project; Desktop Toolkits, Etc.
15h45	Discussion Group 2 ~ Cross-distribution Application Development:
      LSB, I18N, Accessibility, Etc.
15h45	Discussion Group 3 ~ "It's just got to work": 
      Graphics plug and play
17h15	Discussion Group (Summary)

Complete schedule: http://www.desktopcon.org/2006/schedule.php

If you're going to attend DDC, please stop by; there's
still time to register at http://www.desktopcon.org/2006/

Waldo Bastian
Linux Client Architect - Client Linux Foundation Technology
Channel Platform Solutions Group
Intel Corporation - http://www.intel.com/go/linux
OSDL DTL Tech Board Chairman

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