Multiple Desktops and the Menu Spec

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Thu Jul 27 14:17:36 EEST 2006

What is the best practice for having two desktops each with their own
preferences for the applications menu?

Currently it seems to me its a choice between one desktop using a
non-standard file (e.g. in Kubuntu I use
/etc/xdg/menus/ or having one desktop use the
menu layout and strings from the other desktop (and there's anough
differences which mean having a KDE applications menu on Gnome is
quite off-putting to long time Gnome users, same vice-versa).

Since the first approach has the nasty side effect of breaking any
menu editor and other tool that uses the applications menu, as well as
any standardisation that will need the expected file
is there a way to have each desktop with its preferred layout and
still follow the standard?

Jonathan Riddell

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