Trash spec on

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at
Sat Jun 3 01:12:47 EEST 2006

>David and Alexander - could you perhaps send me the particular source
>that deal with moving a file to the trash in KDE and Gnome? I'll try to
>understand how things work. Or even better - if you have the time -
>please compare the implementation to the specs, so that the specs could
>updated with the implementation details including security?
>(This can also be a good time to check if the details happen to diverge
>and Gnome).
>After this "reality check", I'll finish the text and bump to 1.0. Then
>could convert the text and host it on I don't even
need a
>CVS account, as I don't speak DocBook anyway, Bastian can just check it
>after the conversion (although I'd prefer to look at the result as HTML
>autogenerated from DocBook before that, just for an extra check).

Ok, sounds like a plan, drop me a mail when you have finished the text.
In the meantime I will get CVS set up.


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