Subdirectories in share/applications/ ?

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at
Tue Jun 20 22:47:14 EEST 2006

>Hi all,
>I just noticed that it is allowed to have subdirectories in the
>"DATA_DIR/applications/" directory. I was quite surprised to find that
>update-desktop-database handles this by replacing the directory
>separator '/' with a dash '-' when hashing the desktop files.
>So when I have a "share/applications/kde/foo.desktop" this file is
>listed in "share/applications/mimeinfo.cache" as "kde-foo.desktop".

Correct, share/applications/kde/foo.desktop and
share/applications/kde-foo.desktop are equivalent and should be referred
to as "kde-foo.desktop"

>Since I am the maintainer of a perl module to find appropriate programs
>for a mimetype I would like to know the details of this behavior.
>I have two questions about it.
>1) Is this naming scheme in any of the XDG specifications? If not, in
>which spec does it belong - I would certainly expect it in the desktop
>entry spec since it discusses the "mimeinfo.cache" file already.

It is explained in the menu specification. See the explanation of
"Desktop File Id" in and also the
explanation of AppDir in
ements :

"Desktop entries in the pool of available entries are identified by
their desktop-file id (see Desktop-File Id). The desktop-file id of a
desktop entry is equal to its filename, with any path components
removed. So given a <AppDir>  /foo/bar and desktop entry
/foo/bar/Hello.desktop the desktop entry would get a desktop-file id of

If the directory contains sub-directories then these sub-directories
should be (recursively) scanned as well. The name of the subdirectory
should be added as prefix to the desktop-file id together with a dash
character ("-") So given a <AppDir> /foo/bar and desktop entry
/foo/bar/booz/Hello.desktop the desktop entry would get a desktop-file
id of booz-Hello.desktop A desktop entry /foo/bar/bo/oz/Hello.desktop
would result in a desktop-file id of bo-oz-Hello.desktop"


"Desktop-File Id

    The id to identify a desktop entry with. For example, if
/usr/share/applications is specified as an <AppDir>, and /opt/ude as
<LegacyDir prefix="foo-"> then /usr/share/applications/foo/bar.desktop,
/usr/share/applications/foo-bar.desktop and
/opt/ude/Settings/bar.desktop all have the same desktop-file id

>2) How do I resolve a desktop file from the mimeinfo.cache file ?
>Obvious replacing dashes by '/' isn't going to work since I find things
>like "xterm-usercreated.desktop" in my ".local/share/applications/"

You will need to check for both xterm-usercreated.desktop and


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