libxdg-vfs - screenshots

Pat Suwalski pat at
Mon Jun 26 20:03:37 EEST 2006

Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Mon Jun 26 14:11:57 2006, nf2 wrote:
>> The idea behind this experiment is to align the behavior of KIO and
>> Gnome-VFS in a common frontend API which could be used from
>> cross-desktop applications and even file-dialogs (like GTKFileChooser).
> Wouldn't it be better for the file-dialogs to be part of the VFS 
> provider? It would have the effect of making a GNOME app run under KDE 
> have KDE-style Save As dialogs, for example.

It looks to me like this is very possible to do, if not already so. The 
screenshots just show what appears to be a generic list that is 
immediately comparable.

There's this paragraph:

"The backend executables (xdg_vfs_kde or xdg_vfs_gnome) are forked as 
child process and the communication goes through the stdin/stdout pipes 
of the child-process (the shell-mode of the backend executables is 
used). The backends are in the separate packages xdg-vfs-kde.tar.gz and 

Since they're callouts, there are no mainloop issues.

This is very interesting work. Good job! I look forward to seeing more.


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