File origin metadata

Claes at work claesatwork at
Tue Jun 27 00:16:34 EEST 2006

I stumbled upon the Shared file metadata spec
and came to think of something that might be useful to indexers and
related program: file origins. When a file is downloaded, saved or
extracted from an archive, an extended attribute (EA) could be set to
specify the origin. For downloaded files, it could be the url where it
was downloaded from. When an attachment is saved from an email
message, it could be the Message-ID of the email message. When a file
is extracted from a tar archive, it could be the path to the original
tar file. When a file is created by any regular program, it could be
the application name of the program. A copied file could have the
source path as origin. This information could work for desktop
indexers just like hyperlinks works for Google.

Would such a recommendation be useful?


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