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Dave Cridland dave at
Tue Jun 27 13:20:19 EEST 2006

On Mon Jun 26 23:35:41 2006, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> nf2 wrote:
> >Hmm. I'd rather live with little inconsitencies than with 
> fundamental
> >problems like not beeing able to access VFS shares from 
> applications.
> The GUI is meaningless at this point: if any application has access 
> to the same view of the filesystem and virtual filesystems, they 
> will display the data the way they want, but the *same* data. 
> That's the important part.
That's *an* important part, and definitely a very good first step, 
critical to anything else. Please don't think I'm belittling getting 
the VFS data models and views unified. This is excellent work, well 
worth persuing.

> So you don't want to replace the file dialog, but you want the 
> native dialog to be populated with your data.

Is that native WRT the application, or native WRT the desktop?

Data is important, of course, but so is interface. It's important 
that not only are the file dialogs for multiple applications 
presenting the same data as each other, but they're presenting it in 
the same manner. (Having the same interface but different data would 
be, of course, utterly useless and a usability disaster)

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