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On Wednesday 01 March 2006 05:08, you wrote:s
>  what do you mean with this, that they have the Hidden key set to False
>  by default?


>  yes, or one might want to enable them only for one desktop. So I guess

exactly ...

>  we need to allow the user to set the OnlyShowIn field from the specific
>  desktop's configuration GUI.

i'll leave that to your usability team's suggestions, but i'd think that's 
exposing too many details to users and easy to muck up (how do you know which 
GUIs are available on the system?). just use the NotShowIn field instead?

>  What to use by default is another question. I guess they should use
>  OnlyShowIn=GNOME|KDE by default, and then let the user change as he/she
>  wills.

i think that's what NotShowIn is there for.

>  > 0. being able to access kconfig settings from a gconf using app and
> vice versa ... >
>  right, because for gnome entries we need to use a key path, not a config
>  file. And of course both gnome and kde need to be able to access the
>  other desktop's configuration :(

as i mentioned, kde4 will likely have access to this via elektra. long term 
i'd love to see us move to a common storage mechanism such as ldb/tdb since 
it also allows us to share storage space with server configs (what serious 
server app doesn't support ldap these days? =)

>  the kde config is in plain files? 

in kde3, yes. in kde4 it can vary.

>I guess we could have a backend that maps the KDE config to gconf.

yes. perhaps a bit tricky to get right though since our system is non-trivial 
(it's optimized for administration, not quick hacking, to be honest =). one 
could do this "on the cheap" by either using elektra as a backend to gconf 
(though i'm suspicious if they'll be able to get kconfig perfectly right as 
well, to be honest) or allow optional linkage to the kconfig components in 
kde4 from gconf (or perhaps do it over-the-wire using dbus?)

>  I'd prefer a separate field, but if you are already using this in KDE,
>  sounds good to me.

if nothing else, it's something that sysadmins love. it really works for them 
and that's slightly more important in this game IMHO.

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