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Thu Mar 2 12:24:13 EET 2006

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
>>I guess we could have a backend that maps the KDE config to gconf.
>yes. perhaps a bit tricky to get right though since our system is
> non-trivial (it's optimized for administration, not quick hacking, to
> be honest =). one could do this "on the cheap" by either using elektra
> as a backend to gconf (though i'm suspicious if they'll be able to get
> kconfig perfectly right as well, to be honest) or allow optional
> linkage to the kconfig components in kde4 from gconf (or perhaps do it
> over-the-wire using dbus?)

I'd rather we didn't rely on any of that for the spec.

I'd say X-KDE-autostart-condition should be avoided in any new files.

Instead, the app should install a default .desktop file to the autostart 
directory with:

And when the user did the configuration that enabled it, it should just 
write a new .desktop to the default Autostart directory with:

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