standards track for FD.o (was Re: Allowing apps to install packages)

Glynn Foster Glynn.Foster at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 7 00:12:47 EET 2006


On Fri, 2006-03-03 at 17:48 -0700, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> and thus we have a perfect segue into introducing the results of that 
> discussion to this list (and the FD.o community).
> the lack of ability to declare standards properly, the lack of facility to 
> turn these community standards into standards that are consumable by industry 
> and the political fiascos that arise from time to time due to this inability 
> to act in a timely and proficient manner caused us to write the attached 
> report.

This looks good from my point of view - anything's better than the
current situation. I'd like to see some sort of timeline on the proposal
though - how soon do we wait to hand off a specification to FSG? After
it's been used in at least one stable release of GNOME/KDE/... or

I assume we have heaps of contacts in FSG, but it might be good to have
some sort of idea of a liason [single or group] to champion the
specification through until it gets standardized/formalized - so at
least we have some level of contact right along the way.


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