storage location for common user directories

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Wed Mar 8 17:39:37 EET 2006

Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 March 2006 16:27, Jamie McCracken wrote:
>> Benjamin Meyer wrote:
>>> I am curious if anyone has through about making a storage location
>>> standard for user directories.  More generic then Trash there are a
>>> handfull of directories that would be usefull to know such as: Desktop,
>>> Documents, Applications, Music, Movies, and Pictures.
>> IIRC, this was discussed a year ago or so on the gnome-dev lists. Other
>> folders were specified too like Downloads and Templates.
> Do you remember which list and/or the list of folders that was created?

>> The conclusion was we would not hardcode the paths of the directories
>> because of language translations, whether to have them in $Home or
>> $Desktop, making them configurable so Documents could point to a shared
>> folder on a server etc
> I found that in OS X they have a function (FSFindFolder) which will return the 
> translated name of the folder for display purposes.

yes but that inadequate for us cause we need to configure the paths 
rather than hardcode them (which would cause endless arguments as I 
stated above and int he links)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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