storage location for common user directories

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Wed Mar 8 23:16:37 EET 2006

On 3/8/06, Jamie McCracken <jamiemcc at> wrote:
> Benjamin Meyer wrote:
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> > Do you remember which list and/or the list of folders that was created?

I was interested to see that the first thread referenced above was
started by me, so naturally I must follow up on this :-) Especially
since this is something I have been thinking of quite recently.

I believe applications should ask a service of some kind where files
should be saved. Arguments to this service could be file name, media
type and the original source of the file - if the file is created by
the user, downloaded, an email attachment and similar. The service
should answer with a directory location.

Similarily, "open file" dialogs could ask a service (file name might
not be known, but extension might) where it should look for a file and
the service could respond with a directory location.

Optionally several directories can be returned, where the list of
directories could be presented to as suggestions where the user can
pick one in user interfaces which support it.

>From an applications point of view, this would be quite simple. I also
think this would offer a flexibility that would fit many kinds of
users. I don't think it is reasonable to define a single set of
directories to suit all users. How the directory is actually derived
from the arguments must not neccessarily be specified, at least it
should not be a worry for the application.

What I don't know is how would this service should be implemented. To
be commonly used it must be simple enough so that most applications
over time will take advantage of it. I have more ideas on this matter,
that I can get back to.


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