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On Tuesday 14 March 2006 10:05, John Tapsell wrote:
> "Draft specifications that are new and not yet widely used, though
> they may be used by one or more desktops or desktop applications:"
> With no indication anywhere whether everyone uses it or nobody uses.

did you see my recent posting to this list that had attached an article 
proposing a way forward out of this mess? i think we're very much on the same 
page here =)

> What would be really nice would be to state:
> * Which version of gnome uses/supports this
> * Which version of kde uses/supports this
> * Any other relevant apps

what we really need is a database backed store for this information so we can 
generate queries and easily launch events based on changes... doing it by 
hand in the wiki is a poor long term solution IMHO (too labour intensive, not 
standardized so there'll be wild discrepancy in implementation), it's not 
tied strongly enough to identity (read: authority), etc, etc..

now, i'm completely willing to write up such a thing in php if those who look 
after the website simply give me the thumbs up to do so and let me know what 
software is available on the machine to use (e.g. which database? postgresql? 

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