shared-mime-info 0.17

John Tapsell johnflux at
Tue Mar 14 19:05:05 EET 2006

Hi Bastien,

> Huh. It's a software announcement. Pretty much every Free Unix desktop
> project uses it, and distros and users should probably all upgrade to
> that version...

Okay.  You know that.  Most people here know that.  Yet if you go to it's under:

"Draft specifications that are new and not yet widely used, though
they may be used by one or more desktops or desktop applications:"

With no indication anywhere whether everyone uses it or nobody uses.

What would be really nice would be to state:
* Which version of gnome uses/supports this
* Which version of kde uses/supports this
* Any other relevant apps

And to move it under the title "draft specifications"


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