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Fri Mar 24 01:52:19 EET 2006

Hi all.

It's been quite some time[0] since I last sent news about the Desktop
Bookmark spec[1].  Just a quick recap: the spec is aimed at providing a
uniform storage format for bookmarks inside file managers, file
selection dialogs and, in general, applications that are *not* web
browsers but keep bookmarks of resources accessible using a URI; it also
aims at superseding the Recent Files Specification.  It uses a "dialect"
of the XML Bookmark Exchange Language (XBEL) 1.0.

The discussion stopped last May, as I wanted to have a working
implementation before pushing the spec.  Now, as part of Project
Ridley[2], GTK 2.10 will use this spec as the storage format for both
the newly written recently used documents manager[3] and for accessing
the FileChooser shortcuts.

I'd like for this specification to become a fd.o supported spec, so that
other projects might access the recent files/shortcuts; I'd also like
that eventual further additions to the spec might be discussed here on


[0] Almost a year, actually:
[1] Latest draft (forgive typos and bad english):


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