Menu spec update (summary; closure?)

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sat Mar 25 18:18:13 EET 2006

> Sorry, I should have been clearer here. My point was not 'this is the
> users problem', but that it is a wider problem than can be solved in
> the menu spec, and is - IMO - not a problem that should be solved in
> several places. The right solution would be a distro that allows
> non-distro packages to remain sane. The menu spec can offer at best a
> partial solution, and IMO attempting to fix what is essentially a
> package-management problem ("you didn't install this via our system,
> therefore random things will happen to it") in a spec concerning a
> data format problem ("where should I look for information to go in my
> menus, and what will it look like") is wrong.

Sorry, I disagree fairly strongly.  I think that the menu-spec
is a good spec, and can accomplish this.  I note that it has
had wide spread adoption, which I see as a key validation of
a good specification.

In fact, I think this attitude is disastrous.  People keep
sweeping very simple problems (making a menu appear is not
rocket science) under the carept in the hopes that some
beautiful, grand unifying scheme will emerge.

I think simple, reasonably granular, specs like the
menu spec an be packaged together to form a basis for the first
desktop LSB spec, and I further believe that it will
be a Good Thing (TM).



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