[lsb-desktop] Slashdot: Linux Distributors Work Towards DesktopStandards

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at intel.com
Sat May 6 07:25:31 EEST 2006

>> Have you talked to the folks at freedesktop.org? They are doing good
>I have but never have gotten an answer from freedesktop.org.

There are currently the GNOME and KDE user interface guidelines that
seem to cover pretty much the same set of topics. I agree that it would
be useful to have a unified set of guidelines but efforts towards
identifying the common parts between the GNOME and KDE guidelines didn't
get a tremendous amount of traction in the past. I think some sort of
three-way merge of GNOME, KDE guidelines and wyoGuide would be the right
way forward. Apart from some very specific areas (button order in
dialogs, keyboard shortcuts) I don't think lack of better guidelines is
causing major problems, so I don't consider it very high priority. You
might be able to find some people at openusability.org that are
interested in working on this.

Waldo Bastian
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