shared-mime-info: match offset attribute with '>' expressions?

Daniel Leidert daniel.leidert.spam at
Mon May 8 14:46:23 EEST 2006


A question. The (probably outdated?) shared-mime-info database
specification states, that the offset attribute can contain a single
number or a range in the form 'start:end'. But KDE MIME magic e.g. also
allows an expression '>start'. Wouldn't it be nice to have such an
expression too? I e.g. have text files, which are hard to describe,
because they can contain large comments at the beginning, but that's not
the case for every file (often used to describe the content of the file,
e.g. chemical/x-cif). So it would be nice to just say

<match type="string" value="$search_string" offset=">0"/>

instead of

<match type="string" value="$search_string" offset="0:large_number"/>

to work around comment headers. Your opinion?

Regards, Daniel

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