Moving towards version 1.0 of desktop entry spec

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at
Tue May 23 08:57:30 EEST 2006

Looks ok, unless objections are raised I will commit these changes by the end of this week. Some additional comments:

Re: encoding.diff

In the chunk at line 148, I would mention that use of ENCODING is deprecated.

Re: multiple-groups

What about stating that multiple groups with the same name are not allowed? Otherwise we will need to make sure that different implementations actually handle this in the same way, which I fear they may not at the moment.

Re: SortOrder

I think it can be deprecated. It's currently underspecified and the menu-spec defines another mechanism for defining the order of menu-items.

Re: FilePattern

I am not aware of it being used in any way.

Re: Other stuff

1) The section "Priority of MIME types and desktop files" doesn't seem to belong in the desktop entry spec.

2) Escaping of the exec parameters refers to "mailcap" and RFC1524. I don't think that is very helpful and/or accurate. Maybe we can come up with a simple "<command> [<args>]*" style syntax of things that are supported. 

3) Non-absolute Icon= entries are labeled "implementation-dependent". In an ideal world we would be able to refer to the icon theme spec here.

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>Le samedi 22 avril 2006 à 10:04 +0200, Vincent Untz a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> Here's a small patch fixing really minor stuff in the desktop entry
>> spec:
>I did some more work this morning.
>Here's a bunch of patches to apply in the following order:
>  cleanup.diff
>  cleanup2.diff
>  encoding.diff
>  swallow.diff
>  reorganize.diff
>  group.diff
>  keys.diff
>cleanup.diff: the patch I sent a few weeks ago
>cleanup2.diff: some more cleanup, mainly adding some <literal> tags
>encoding.diff: move all of the legacy-mixed encoding stuff to the
>               appendix
>swallow.diff: deprecate the Swallow* keys
>reorganize.diff: move lots of text around. It makes the spec easier to
>                 understand, IMHO.
>group.diff: improve definition of group headers
>keys.diff: reorder the list of standard keys so they are sorted by type
>I believe this should be okay for everyone, but make sure to verify :-)
>I don't have a fd.o cvs account, so I won't be able to commit them. But
>I can ask for one if necessary.
>Here's a list of things that I intend to work on:
>  + move all the FSDevice-related keys to appendix B ("Currently
>    reserved for use within KDE"). I won't make the change if some
>    other project is using those keys or if people disagree.
>  + define the type of regexp that is accepted. Any feedback on what it
>    should be?
>  + tell what should happen when multiple group headers have the same
>    name. We could either merge them, only use the first, only use
>    the last, etc. I'd say we should only use the last one.
>  + change the type of the version key to string and specify its format
>    (MAJOR.MINOR.MICRO where MAJOR, MINOR and MICRO are positive
>    integers). 0.9.4 is not a numeric value ;-)
>  + I don't think the SortOrder key is useful with the menu spec. Should
>    it be deprecated?
>  + is the FilePattern key used?
>Is there any other issue in this spec that we should solve?
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