Desktop Entry Spec, Path support in Gnome

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Sun Nov 19 13:50:08 EET 2006

Le mardi 14 novembre 2006, à 23:03, Bastian, Waldo a écrit :
>    I have attached a patch that adds support for Path= entries in .desktop
>    files to gnome as that was one the missing features that showed up while
>    testing for desktop entry spec compliance. See also
>    [1] Credits go to Brian
>    Harring.

Thanks for the patch. I updated it to fix one or two things. I don't
think Path is required, so we shouldn't fail if it's not there.

cc'ing gnome-vfs-list to have it reviewed by the maintainers. I forgot
to provide a ChangeLog entry, but I'll add it if it's okay to commit. I
guess it'd be nice to have it in soon if you make a new release for
GNOME 2.16.2.



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