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On 10/16/06, Kustaa Nyholm <feedback2 at sparetimelabs.com> wrote:
> Now, on the subject of mime types.  I've tried to find where is says that mime
> types for application specific binaries should take the form suggested above
> by Magnus, ie:

The recommendation only applies if you control the type's
registration.  If you aren't the vendor, it doesn't matter; what's
registered is what's registered.

> application/vnd.framemaker
> application/vnd.lotus-freelance
> application/vnd.ms-excel
> application/vnd.motorola.flexsuite
> Last of which seems to comply, except that its all lower case.

Media type names are case insensitive; see section 4.2 for RFC 4288:


> So, I suppose this is defined somewhere but I would appreciate a pointer to the
> spec.

Suggestions regarding the vnd. tree are largely just that.  See
section 3.2 of RFC 4288 in particular.

The fact that suggestions are really just that doesn't mean being
careful with the namespace isn't a good idea, and that's what using
the vendor name is all about.


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