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Thu Oct 19 18:45:18 EEST 2006


Le mardi 17 octobre 2006, à 11:30, Bastian, Waldo a écrit :
> >>Hi Waldo,
> >>
> >>Le mercredi 11 octobre 2006, à 11:21, Bastian, Waldo a écrit :
> >>> Note that Gnome isn't complying very strictly with the FDO desktop file
> >>> spec anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about that aspect.
> >>
> >>Do you have specific bugs we can work on? :-)
> >
> >I was about to mail you a test suite for it actually (still need to check a
> >few things)
> >
> >It comes down to %%, %d and %n not being supported in Exec lines.
> Ok, test case attached. Test case requires xdg-utils to be in your path. There is something funky going on in that the test only works half the time here on my fedora core 5. If you get "/tmp/exec-test.result: no such file" then you need to run it again. (Any insight in what is going wrong there would be appreciated)
> Anyway, when you play with the Exec line and the test runs ok you will notice that %% is never expanded and that if there are multiple codes listed, e.g. both %d and %n then only the first one is expanded. Note that %d and %n are actually supported, contrary to my previous statement, as long as they are used stand alone.

I don't have xdg-utils right now. I just copied and pasted the desktop
file and the script. It works fine here, when launching it from nautilus
and when dropping a file from nautilus too. And %% is expanded too.

Testing with mime type failed, though. Looks like a bug in gnome-vfs.
I'll look at it.


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