desktop files spec: Plugin based applications and the MimeType key (second try)

Albert Astals Cid tsdgeos at
Tue Oct 24 01:05:17 EEST 2006

Hi, you may or may not remember this mail from myself [1] 

It spoke about the problem some applications have regarding specifying the 
MimeType entry due to it beign based on the available plugins for that 

Almost nobody commented on that mail so i went straight ahead and coded a 
solution for KDE, and the solution was MUCH easier than i though. If you want 
to see the current patch see [2]

I copy here the important information about the structure


Virtual mimetypes are directed towards applications that use plugins 
and the mimetypes they support depend on the installed plugins.

To make an Application use the virtual mimetype system, put
in its .desktop file
Then each plugin has to install a .desktop file like this
[Desktop Entry]
MimeType=mimetypes this plugins adds support for


I am writing this mail here to see if we can agree that this is a good and 
easy way to do it (i coded the patch in 4 hours without having any knowledge 
of how that worked on KDE so it can't be that difficult on other DEs)

Basically i would want the .desktop spec to mention the Virtual-MimeType= 
entry beign a ; separated list of mimetypes that should be added to 
each .desktop file that cotains that virtual mimetype in the MimeType entry.





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