Icon Naming Spec

Diana Fong dfong at redhat.com
Tue Oct 24 01:25:31 EEST 2006

Sounds good.

I've just put up a page on FreeDesktop for icons that are not covered in 
the latest Icon Naming Specification. [1]

Well phrased by Dobey...This should be a place where people can list 
icons they think they need, but don't know what appropriate names should 
be, so that we can clarify things and move the icons into addendum specs 
or the base spec, as appropriate.

Please check occasionally, comment and help give these icons a name.



Rodney Dawes wrote:
> I see no reason to start a new thread for every icon that comes up. If
> there are a bunch that should be discussed at once, such as the
> Emoticons, then they can be lumped into a single thread. If other icons
> also come up though, I see no reason to try to avoid creating new
> threads to discuss them in, as they come up.
> My main concern with the naming right now, is the choice of names for
> emoticons which are not in the spec. And some of the icons in the spec
> don't actually belong there, or are named inapproprately, such as
> face-devil-*. A sad devil icon doesn't make sense. There should just
> be a face-devilish icon instead, and I have a patch to fix that issue.
> I just blindly threw some names in for filler in the beginning, and
> nobody outside of the Tango community really has done any review of
> the spec. The emotes have also been on the back burner as they are a
> very small bit of the icon experience on the desktop. We have so many
> icons in all the other contexts, that it made sense to just hold off
> on dealing with the emotes for the time being. Now that Echo is stepping
> up to implement the spec as well though, I think it's time for us to
> get the spec polished off and finalized and ready for a 1.0 stamping.
> -- dobey

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