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Thu Feb 1 10:15:01 EET 2007

2007/2/1, John Stowers <john.stowers.lists at>:
> Greetings,
> I am hacking on adding tagging support to Nautilus using Tracker [1].
> I have come across an area which I think warrants standardization
> between desktops.
> Nautilus currently has the concept of an emblem, which is a tag with
> an associated image. However it stores these privately and does not
> offer any further granularity regarding presenting these to users.
> Furthermore these emblems, once defined in nautilus, cannot be applied
> or accessed using other applications.
> Note that I am talking about user defned emblems, which is a superset
> of the emblem-* icons defined in the icon-theme spec.
> To address this, and some other limitations I wrote up a small
> specification [2] for an Emblem file, which is a simple variation on
> .desktop files.
> I would appreciate hearing the thoughts of other file manager, desktop
> indexer, and metadata storage system authors on the spec.

Generally the spec looks well worked out. Three things:

 * How about allowing base64 encoded images to be inlined in the .emblem?
This is bad for theming purposes but might also be easier in many cases.

 * If you allow user definable tags with associated .emblems you should
probably enforce that DisplayName==Keyword

 * How about putting this on the fdo wiki? That way you can also collect
comments on the wiki page.


> [2]
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