Desktop Emblems Proposed Spec

John Stowers john.stowers.lists at
Thu Feb 1 10:57:23 EET 2007

>  Generally the spec looks well worked out. Three things:
>  * How about allowing base64 encoded images to be inlined in the .emblem?
> This is bad for theming purposes but might also be easier in many cases.

Makes sense I guess. Another compromise is restricting IconName to
only allow icon files to be in the same directory as the .emblem file.
In hindsight this might be better from a security perspective.

>  * If you allow user definable tags with associated .emblems you should
> probably enforce that DisplayName==Keyword

Doesnt this introduce a whole slew of problems from the application
developers perspective? For example, a program written in X, which
ships a bunch of .emblems expects to be able to associate files with
that emblem using a locale independent Keyword, presumably coded
somewhere in the program.

They then expect a user of Nautilus, running in locale Y to be shown
the translated .emblem name.

>  * How about putting this on the fdo wiki? That way you can also collect
> comments on the wiki page.


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