Scanner infrastructure in freedesktop

Donald Straney burntfuse at
Thu Feb 1 22:47:27 EET 2007

> Don't you think we need to decide a name and start a SVN repos ?

Good idea, passing code back and forth on the mailing list isn't going
to work for much longer.  How about we call it the image capture
interface (the daemon is already imcapd, for IMage CAPture Daemon)
since it can also get video frames and still images from cameras?

>this one is much cleaner :). Works on feisty. Does it export to a file
>(using GdkPixbuf, it's very easy). Note that this is ChangeLog, not

Glad you like it better.  I usually write the core code first, and
sort it into functions later (it really does work out fine in the
end). ;)  For the output, the raw data gets dumped to
/tmp/scanned_image (defined in imcapd.h).  I haven't actually tried to
view the output, but I saw the output change when I changed the test
plugin's pattern, so I assume it's working right.  Using GdkPixbuf is
a good idea, though, I'll try that.

>Using autotools would be cool.

Yeah, the makefile's just temporary.  I guess I'll start learning how
to use autoconf and automake.

>That's strange, i can't see the interface in dbuse-viewer.

I probably did something wrong with dbus.  I have to admit this is my
first time coding with it, and the documentation is a bit lacking for
making a message listener.

Donald Straney

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