Scanner infrastructure in freedesktop

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at
Thu Feb 1 22:55:31 EET 2007


> How about we call it the image capture
> interface (the daemon is already imcapd, for IMage CAPture Daemon)
> since it can also get video frames and still images from cameras?

Ok, i may prefer imcad, since it's easier to pronouce. Then found
another accronym meaning and hide the original, and you're then a true
H4cK3R :P. Actually, i prefer imcad to imcapd.

> Glad you like it better.  I usually write the core code first, and
> sort it into functions later (it really does work out fine in the
> end). ;)

Beware, you really should design a bit before, because this software is
to be used by other software (like e.g. Gnome Scan). So if you design as
you code, you may end up with an usable software.

> >Using autotools would be cool.
> Yeah, the makefile's just temporary.  I guess I'll start learning how
> to use autoconf and automake.

I may write the basic of autotools support for you if you want, however
you may want to learn autotools with this project. As you wish.

> I probably did something wrong with dbus.

Ok, let's just assume that imcad has already Vista features (aka
bugs). :P

Go request a SVN repo ! :D

Verso l'Alto !
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