Scanner infrastructure in freedesktop

Donald Straney burntfuse at
Thu Feb 1 23:26:23 EET 2007

> Ok, i may prefer imcad, since it's easier to pronouce. Then found
> another accronym meaning and hide the original, and you're then a true
> H4cK3R :P. Actually, i prefer imcad to imcapd.

imcad for the daemon name sounds good.  Should the name of the wiki
page be changed to ImageCaptureService or something similar?

> I may write the basic of autotools support for you if you want, however
> you may want to learn autotools with this project. As you wish.

It's a useful skill that I need to learn anyways, so maybe I'll put in
the basic stuff, if you don't mind?  It's great that you know how to
use it, though (since I'm sure I'll make some mistakes the first

> Ok, let's just assume that imcad has already Vista features (aka
> bugs). :P

Heh, how true.

> Go request a SVN repo ! :D

CVS, actually. ;)  I'll do that.

Donald Straney

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