More on the menu spec test suite

dan sinclair zero at
Mon Feb 5 20:23:45 EET 2007

Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> I have prepared a list of possible bugs in the test suite I noticed
> today. Would someone (Waldo?) please comment them?
> You can find this list on (the testing output would have made this
> eMail unreadable, so I uploaded it to our server):
> Thanks in advance - the test suite helped me fixing a lot of bugs
> already within one day.

For NoDisplay2 my understanding is that even if the menu is Deleted or 
NoDisplay you still process the menu and allocate the desktops. Only 
after that step do you delete or hide the menu. So, none of the extra 
.desktop files will appear as their already allocated.

I believe the second case (OnlyUnallocated) is the same way. Excluding 
an item after it is included doesn't remove the allocated flag. It just 
removes it from the menu.


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