More on the menu spec test suite

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Wed Feb 7 08:12:27 EET 2007

Wrt 4) and 5), this is intentional. I'll fix 3).

See e.g.
rithm :
"Note that an entry that is included in a menu but excluded again by a
later <Exclude> is still considered allocated (for the purposes of
<OnlyUnallocated>) even though that entry no longer appears in the

The rationale for this is to make menu editing easier: A menu entry can
be removed by adding a single <Excluded>, and likewise, a submenu can be
removed with a single <Deleted>. If the entry was considered
"Unallocated" after being explicitly excluded, removing an entry this
way would effectively move it to an "unallocated" menu instead of truly
removing it, which many people considered confusing.

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>I have prepared a list of possible bugs in the test suite I noticed
>today. Would someone (Waldo?) please comment them?
>You can find this list on (the testing output would have made this
>eMail unreadable, so I uploaded it to our server):
>Thanks in advance - the test suite helped me fixing a lot of bugs
>already within one day.
>  Jannis
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