vio-0.0.1 / gftp-agent 0.0.1

nf2 nf2 at
Wed Feb 7 05:39:52 EET 2007


here is a first prototype of libvio and gftp-agent:

screenshot of gftp-agent:

for testing install both packages and run the cli client

vio-client shell

vio-client ls

... will auto-launch gftp-agent, pop up the password-dialog,
the systray icon (changing colors on activity) etc...

the client side interface of libvio is declared in vio.h
the agent side interface in vio_agent.h

if you want to see how to use the client/agent API have a look at:

vio_client/vio-client.c (the cli client)
vio_agent/vio_file_agent.c  (the agent for the "file:" protocol)

the job handlers of the multithreaded gftp-agent are defined in 
gftp-agent.c (it currently uses gnome-vfs as ftp-client library
- i didn't want to write my own yet...


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