Scanner infrastructure in freedesktop

Donald Straney burntfuse at
Sun Feb 11 22:35:46 EET 2007

> I don't know what are data type of dbus, however, you should allow to
> easily set/get option just using a dbus type. you can e.g. provide
> SANE_Fixed imcad_fixed_from_float (dbus_float value) and use the result
> as data in sane_control_option(). This will do one time for all the
> mapping between dbus and SANE.

I don't really understand what you mean, but I think we're sort of
talking about the same kind of thing?  In my example code a dbus int32
would map to a SANE_Int, a dbus string would map to a SANE string, and
a dbus boolean would map to a SANE_Bool.

> We should really start on demand. Considering plugging a scanner is a
> demand from user :). A lot of people really don't want to get another
> service running like cups. Also, users must not have to worry about
> "hey, i have a scanner, i must start the service". You're right, let HAL
> start the service. I heard HAL has such feature. And since HAL is going
> to handle properly scanner (SuSE has some work on that, and Martin Owen
> is working on that too). Go for it :D

Glad you agree. :)

> I attached the tarball autotools enable. I learn some nice tricks about
> autotools :). It's every time a discovery :P. A few words about it :
>       * test and dbus_api are distributed in the tarball but not
>         installed
>       * bug adress is your address
>       * version is arbitrary 0.0.1
>       * configure check for gcc, dbus-1 and sane. (dunno what else is
>         needed).
> It passes make distcheck, of course.

Great job!  Thanks for doing all that, I'll check it out on my box.

Donald Straney

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