MPRIS Media player Remote Interfacing Specification

James "Doc" Livingston doclivingston at
Thu Feb 8 13:55:50 EET 2007

On Tue, 2007-02-06 at 10:33 +0100, Mirsal ENNAIME wrote:
> The purpose of this spec is to define a common dbus interface for media
> players called org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer with basic player and
> tracklist control methods and signals.

As I was last time this was proposed, I'm interested in getting this off
the ground - a common dbus interface to do basic operations with media
players would be great.

> There are draft interfaces defined here:

Those three pages point to different variations of the spec, and there
are quite a few important differences - both large and subtle. Is there
a canonical version of the spec, and a canonical place to discuss it?

Most of it looks good to me, but there are few things that I think could
be done slightly better, or don't really make sense to all music players
(so probably shouldn't be in a "basic" interface that everyone must


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