Announcing Wasabi - Unifying Desktop Search - feedback needed

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Thu Feb 8 23:35:44 EET 2007

2007/2/8, Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at>:
> On Tuesday 06 February 2007 23:12, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
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> > * In Short:
> > Wasabi is new project with the goal of creating a unified, platform
> > independent, specification and api for desktop search engines (and later
> > metadata services). We have worked together with several search-projects
> > and now have a proposal ready for public evaluation. In short: we need
> > feedback
> It would be nice if the specification would include object path and
> optimally
> D-Bus connection name where the interfaces are likely to be found.
> Otherwise a potential search client has to introspect all D-Bus names and
> all
> object paths on each of them.

Yes, that was the plan, it is a small thing to define them though. Ideally I
think we should only define the interface name and dbus had a magic method
GetObjectForInterface("org.freedesktop.blah"), but as far as I know this is
not possible...

This leads me to a question I've been thinking about... Why is it not custom
to version your dbus interfaces? XML namespaces (typically)  does that for
example. I was wondering whether to use for
instance, not that I expect the api to change. But if we ever add api we
could define a .2 or something like that...

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