Scanner infrastructure in freedesktop

Donald Straney burntfuse at
Sat Feb 10 00:51:34 EET 2007

Sorry for the long wait, and I really haven't forgotten about this.
Since I haven't heard back about a CVS repository yet, the new code's
attached.  It's got support for the options now, although I still
haven't gotten around to making the build process more automated (I've
been spending more time on the actual code).  Slight change in the API
- I added a new OpenDevice call which opens a connection to the device
and returns a job handle, and now StartScan starts the actual scan for
the job (this way, options can be set before the scan starts).
There's also some nasty stuff passing parameters in where it assumes
that a SANE_Int is the same as a dbus_int32_t, a dbus boolean is the
same as a SANE_Bool, etc.  I don't really know any way to get around
this (and while it works now, there's a small possibility it could
break on some strange systems), so eventually it would be nice to make
a modified version of SANE to really integrate with this and get rid
of any problems.

Donald Straney
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