Scanner infrastructure in freedesktop

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at
Sat Feb 10 12:30:51 EET 2007


> It's got support for the options now

Nice :D

>  although I still
> haven't gotten around to making the build process more automated (I've
> been spending more time on the actual code).

Ok, i will do it.

> There's also some nasty stuff passing parameters in where it assumes
> that a SANE_Int is the same as a dbus_int32_t, a dbus boolean is the
> same as a SANE_Bool, etc.

For GnomeScan, i wrote a Glib-GObject wrap to SANE. It allows to use
GValue to hold option value. You may have to write a dbus wrapper around

> I don't really know any way to get around
> this (and while it works now, there's a small possibility it could
> break on some strange systems)

The problem is that SANE backends are even slightly different from each
other which can make a frontend dev crazy. So you should really write a
tiny dbus wrapper around SANE types.

> so eventually it would be nice to make
> a modified version of SANE to really integrate with this and get rid
> of any problems.

That's far from a solution. Modify your code, not someone else code.

Keep up the good work. I intend to build GnomeScan on top of imcad for
this summer (SoC).


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